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Types Of Gas Boilers Available

There are three main types of gas boiler in use today. Listed below you will find a brief explanation and a diagram showing the main differences:

The Combi. This is the latest and most popular type of gas boiler called the combination boiler. It takes it's name from the fact that it heats both the central heating and domestic hot water instantly on demand, and therefore doesn't require any cold water cisterns in the loft or hot water storage tanks in the airing cupboard.

The main advantages of the combination boiler are that by heating the hot water on demand you only pay for the amount of hot water that you actually use, saving you money whilst saving the earth's resources.

You will also benefit from improved hot water performance at the domestic hot water outlets.

Conventional System. This is a typical example of a conventional open vent system, this system requires two cold water storage tanks in the loft and a hot water storage cylinder usually found in an airing cupboard below the loft level in order to obtain the correct head of water.

The system boiler is very similar to the conventional system in the way that it heats the domestic hot water and stores it in the tank in the airing cupboard but it requires no feed and expansion tank in the loft and is connected by means of a temporary filling loop instead, the expansion of the water as it is heated is taken up by an expansion vessel.